Michael J. Malone
Douglas County Law Library

Judicial and Law Enforcement Center
111 East 11th Street
Lawrence, Kansas 66044
Phone: (785) 838-2477
Fax: (785) 838-2455

Volunteer Application Form

Copy, fill out, sign, and return this form to the Volunteer Coordinator in person, by mail to the address above, or send by e-mail or fax.

POSITION(S) TO BE CONSIDERED FOR:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________



PHONE:_______________________________________ E-MAIL: ____________________________________________

CONTACT PERSON (emergency contact):__________________________________________________________

CONTACT PERSON'S PHONE:______________________________________

List past work experience (including volunteer work). Highlight the experience which you feel might be applicable to law library work:

List any other skills or special knowledge you have which might be beneficial to the law library:

Why are you interested in the Michael J. Malone Douglas County Law Library?

Are you interested in all aspects of library work? Are there some jobs you are not interested in?

Would you prefer to have a regular work schedule or to work on special projects within a more flexible time frame?

Are there any days or time of day when you are not available?

Are there any days or times of day when you would prefer to work?

How many hours per week/month would you have available to give to the Law Library?

States other than Kansas that might have records on you (for background check purposes).


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Created: January 30, 2004; Revised: September 2, 2014