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The Michael J. Malone Douglas County Law Library maintains gallery space for local artists to display their original work. Exhibitions for individual artists usually last for two months. Information on current and future exhibitions is below. Information on how to exhibit in the Gallery is at the bottom of this page.


Current Exhibition:

August/November 2015 -- Paintings by Alice Ming Hsiang Kuo.

All of the pieces in the exhibit are for sale from Ms. Kuo.

Next Exhibition:

December 2015/January 2016 -- Artwork by Perry Shepard.

Future Exhibitions:

February/March 2016 -- Artwork by Aram Aghdaie.
April/May 2016 -- Paintings by Joanna Ward.
June/July 2016 -- Acrylics by Frank Pondrom.

Recent Exhibitions:


January -- Photography by Tony Peterson.
February/March -- Paintings by Mary Jane Grinter.
April/May -- Pastels by Cris Chapin.
June/July -- Oil Paintings by Charlotte Neese.

Past Exhibitions: 2004 - 2014

To Exhibit:

Contact the Law Library at (785) 838-2477 or info@douglascolawlibrary.org. An Exhibition Agreement will need to be completed and signed by the artist and a representative of the Art Gallery no later than the day the exhibition is installed. Copies of the Agreement are available from the Law Library.

For more information, contact the Law Library at: info@douglascolawlibrary.org.

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